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What is Project DEEP?

Digital Enterprise & Employee Program (DEEP)

is an initiative built for Malaysians to bridge local enterprises and employees into the digital era.
Upgrade yourself or your workforce to the latest industry standards.

Our first objective is to provide an education platform for future-proof courses and professional certifications to up-skill or re-skill yourself or your workforce. Through our government partnerships, we provide completely free courses that are subsidized by the latest educational schemes.

Our second goal is to ensure that you are constantly employed by providing a job-seeking platform to connect you to directly with potential employers.
You can join our platform and immediately start hunting for your career.

Step 1: Explore SchemesFirstly, please look over our available government schemes. Through our valuable partnerships with government entities, we are providing professional training completely free and subsidised.Explore Schemes
Step 2: Find Your CourseSecondly, start finding the course that you want to study. Once you've selected a course, please ensure that you click the "Enquire Now" button at the course page and register. We'll get back to you immediately.Explore Course
Step 3: Get A JobWhether it's through our employability programmes or through our job-seeking platform, we want to ensure that you are employed throughout. Explore our job-seeking platform to find work.Explore Jobs

Our partnership schemes and courses are constantly being updated with the latest in the industry. So make sure to check back in again.

Our Upcoming Courses

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