Prevent Policy

Policy Statement 

VERITAS University College (hereafter referred to as VUC) understands the problems in our society today where people are being drawn into terrorism from the young to the old. This Prevent Policy aims at safeguarding people who are vulnerable and who are drawn into terrorism by whatever means and for whatever reason.

VUC encourages freedom of speech within the law however in preventing terrorism we work to safeguard staff and students from being swayed into terrorist-related ideologies.


“Prevent” seeks to protect our University College community consisting of students and staff, from being radicalised. As an educational institution it is our duty and commitment to protect our people from being influenced by ideologies and activities that promote terrorism. VUC understands the need for freedom of expression within safe parameters that do not touch on matters that encourage the involvement in terrorism.

What can VUC staff do

Before the fangs of terrorism reveals itself, there would be signs that a staff or student is slowly being drawn into terrorism. Staff or students may raise questions on ideologies of terrorism or may express passionately sentiments that are inclined towards terrorism. Staff at VUC would have to recognise these signs. For those with whom any specific concerns will be raised (primarily staff in Student Services), differentiating the risk of radicalisation from other issues will be covered in more detail in the department processes and training, together with the requirement to share information confidentially where needed.

Internal Communications

VUC is steadfast in it’s objective to eradicate and eliminate all propaganda and materials promoting or supporting terrorism to be displayed within the University College premises and should any such material be discovered within the physical and electronical walls of VUC, we shall immediately remove such material. VUC shall ensure at all costs that the University College’s printed and electronic communications (including its website) does not contain any material that promotes or supports terrorism and it shall take immediate actions to investigate who placed such materials.

Steps to be taken if a sign towards terrorism is suspected

VUC’s approach is to empower both students and staff with thinking points and to encourage them to take immediate action about causes of concern, in the following manner:


Should a student or staff change in his or her way of thinking or speaking in a way that promotes terrorism or supports terrorists activities in parts of the world, or should a staff or student express verbally in a passionate manner his or her support for some terrorist activities or sympathises with terrorists, these are warning signs that staff in front-line support roles and lecturers should identify as warning signs.

Next step

These signs should not be shrugged off but a staff who identifies this change in behaviour or communication should speak to the student directly or talk to colleagues and other academic tutors who interact with the particular student and should then inform the Registrar’s office of his or her concerns regarding the student. In the case of a fellow staff, you should share your concerns with the Head of VUC’s Human Resource Department.

What will happen when a concern is raised

VUC’s student centric staff and dedicated Human Resource Department have developed a process to follow as stated above. After the Registar’s office or Human Resource Department have carried out internal investigations to establish the veracity and seriousness of this concern so raised, and establishes that there is an element of terrorism prevalent or that a student or staff is being drawn into terrorism, the Registrar upon consultation with the Vice Chancellor of VUC shall raise this matter to the police department.

Veritas University Colleges recognises that staff and students can easily be drawn into terrorism and that there are underlying currents within the campus. This policy is drafted to provide guidance to staff who may notice signs described above on measures to take to bring the respective staff or student to the relevant authorities within the University College.

VUC neither condones nor promotes any form of terrorist ideologies and activities that are terrorism related and shall carry out its responsibilities towards Preventing staff or students from being radicalised.